Awash in Victories

Wednesday, 11.07.12 / 4:38 PM
By Stockton Thunder Staff

Thunder, local car wash company zoom to help fans

By Ruben Dominguez – Thunder Staff Writer

The Stockton Thunder recorded impressive numbers both on and off the ice over the weekend.

The Thunder matched the 2006-07 squad for best start (7-1-1, 15 points) through nine games and reached a tie with Gwinnett for the best record in the ECHL by sweeping their three games on Thunder Goes Pink VII weekend.

After routing Bakersfield 6-1 on Friday, the Thunder continued the onslaught on Alaska by defeating the Aces 7-4 on Saturday before dominating Sunday’s contest 5-1. On the weekend, the Thunder outscored their opponents by a combined 18-6, and each game featured at least five Thunder goals.

Fans celebrated a red hot Thunder offense all weekend and came away as winners of a free car wash. (photo by Asvitt Photography)

That last statistic made for incredible promotional numbers as well.

For the 2012-13 season, the Stockton Thunder has partnered with Zoom Car Wash to put on “Clean Drive for 5”.

When the Thunder score five goals in a single game at Stockton Arena, Zoom Car Wash, which offers car washes, detailing, and oil and lube work, rewards fans in attendance (age 16 and older) with a free exterior car wash pass.

“We told Zoom that last year the team scored five or more goals at home six times all season,” Thunder president Dan Chapman said. “We anticipated that it would right around six—maybe five, maybe seven, but in that neighborhood. But we’re already halfway there and it happened in one weekend.”

Combining the Thunder’s offensive explosion and their always passionate, loyal fan base (Saturday’s game was played in front of a season-high 8,018 fans), the result was a lot of free car washes. To be more specific, approximately 10,000 free car wash passes from Zoom Car Wash were given out to fans during the three game homestand.

“It was pretty remarkable that it happened back-to-back-to-back,” Chapman said. “It was great for the fans, great for the hockey team obviously, and great for Zoom.”

Everyone who has owned a car, or even driven one, can attest to how quickly cars can get dirty and how dirty they can get. Because of this, cars have to be washed often, especially if the drivers want to keep their image spotless. If they don’t want to do it themselves, people are often paying a necessary but annoying price for a clean car.

However, those that came to watch the Thunder score over and over again, especially fans that made it out to all three games, do not worry about that cost for a while.

“Everybody can use a car wash,” said Chapman. “People wash their cars about twice a month. If you showed up for all three games, you’re going to have a pretty clean car for a month to a month-and-a-half.”

“If you’re in the area here in Stockton there’s a lot of dust and dirt in the air from the farming fields,” Thunder head coach Matt Thomas said. “I know my car’s always dirty, so I was pretty excited to see we had that promotion and that [Zoom is] with us this year. That’s the place I go to get my car washed all the time anyway. It’s a neat promotion and something that’s tangible to fans.”

The benefits of the Thunder’s scoring success are obvious and impactful for the team. Their fans are rewarded for their team’s success. In addition, Zoom, with locations on Hammer Lane and Quail Lakes Drive, benefits from the Thunder’s scoring tirade.

“Zoom benefits as well,” Chapman said. “A lot of people want more than just an exterior car wash. They’ll get the free car wash, but they’ll upgrade. They’ll have the vacuum done. They’ll have the inside cleaned. Maybe they’ll have their tires shined. It turns into a great thing for them as well.”

“Everyone that comes to these games drives a car to get here,” said Thomas. “It’s great for them to have the opportunity to walk away with a free car wash. It’s something that’s real neat.”

“Any time you do a promotion that goes with the success of the team, it’s a real win-win,” Chapman said. “It’s a win for our fans and a win for Zoom because they get a lot of customers and a lot more foot traffic. We need to not only celebrate our success on the ice, put pass that success onto our fans.”

The next opportunity for a free car wash will be Friday, Nov. 16, when the Thunder return home to take on the Utah Grizzlies.

In addition to giving away team photos to the first 3,000 fans in attendance that night, the Thunder will do their best to try to make it four free car washes from Zoom Car Wash in four home games. The puck drops Nov. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at Stockton Arena, which should be surrounded by squeaky-clean cars.