POSTGAME: Thomas Quotes (12/15)

Saturday, 12.15.12 / 11:26 PM
By Stockton Thunder Staff

Stockton Thunder head coach Matt Thomas spoke with the media after Saturday’s 2-1 loss against the Colorado Eagles.

RE: What was the difference between last night and tonight?

THOMAS: “[Colorado] came out and played. I can give a lot of credit to that team…they just outplayed us. The first period was embarrassing—we didn’t make a pass and they made a thousand. They were a good team tonight. Their goalie was good. They were better than us tonight.”

RE: Was their goalie the difference in the 2nd and 3rd periods?

THOMAS: “I thought both goalies played great games. We took a stupid penalty that gets their offense going in the first period. Our power play didn’t do anything, so it was a tough game special teams-wise. They go two for three, we go zero for five. Their goalie was good but we hit him in the chest a hundred times, which either makes him in perfect position or us pretty poor shooters. I don’t want to discredit what he did because he was good, but I certainly didn’t like the way we shot the puck…I feel bad for Tyler Bunz, he played well. He played well and the offense didn’t show up tonight for him.”

RE: The goal at the start of the 3rd period—was that kind of a backbreaker?

THOMAS: “Yeah…I want to watch it on video but I think I know what happened. We had two guys screening, we had their guy and our strong side defenseman screening our goalie. I don’t know why we were in that position.
What drove me crazy about the second period is we had shift over shift over shift that we were all over them , we had a lot of momentum, and as soon as we had two or three good shifts together we came down and it’s like we didn’t know how to play in our own end. We had all kinds of chances; it wasn’t a well-executed game by us. Plain and simple. Man, did [Colorado] make some plays…and we just let them. We watched them make plays, that’s pretty much what happened.
We almost had fake work. The guys worked hard, but we didn’t make plays. We didn’t pass the puck well, when we did pass the puck well we didn’t execute around the net. You get 41 shots on net and you only score one goal, and the kid stopped it—it trickled across the line. You give a lot of credit to the goalie, he played well. He hasn’t played a lot for them this year and he came in and gave them the boost they needed. Our guys just weren’t ready to go, in my mind, offensively.” RE: Is Reed day-to-day?

THOMAS: “Yeah…it was a game time decision. It was just too sore to go tonight and risk getting hurt more. With their team being shorthanded it was an easy decision to make…obviously he’s a bit of a difference maker. He’s a guy that can pick the corner. I think the big thing is that other guys have got to step up; nobody did.”

RE: Seems like a lot of guys had a lot of chances to finish Colorado off tonight.

THOMAS: “We hit [their goaltender] in the chest probably 30 times. When we had opportunities to shoot we elected to look for another pass. When we shot, he was right there, then when we had some good looks we put it right at him…he was good.”

RE: Was the strategy to come out and get Colorado in the penalty?

THOMAS: “We wanted to play physical. We talked about playing physical but remaining disciplined, and we took a penalty whatever two minutes into the game. We knew they were down in numbers so part of the game plan was certainly to tire them out and all we did was watch them make passes around us, so it didn’t really work.”