POSTGAME: Thomas Quotes (12/17)

Tuesday, 12.18.12 / 1:31 AM
By Stockton Thunder Staff

Stockton Thunder head coach Matt Thomas spoke with the media after Monday’s 6-4 victory against the San Francisco Bulls at HP Pavilion at San Jose.

RE: General comments

THOMAS: “…Young players like that don’t get a ton of ice time all the time, and they delivered not only playing well defensively but scoring a goal. Those things are good to see, so there’s a lot of positives there, but I don’t think we’ve played a very strong game against San Francisco yet. The win is certainly an important one for us mentally.”

RE: What happened that let San Francisco back in?

THOMAS: “Guys looking at the scoreboard, 5-2. It’s that simple. I cautioned between the second and third that we better not sit there and think that we won this game after 40 minutes. Our game plan going in was to complete 60—we wanted to play a complete 60 and I didn’t care what the score was…have a good game where we were proud of the trust we had in each other, the execution, the work ethic, and I don’t think we really can sit there and be overly proud other than we got a hard fought win. It was a neat environment, a lot of fun and I think both teams probably got caught up in it a little bit but in some good ways too. The teams worked pretty hard and made some good things happen out there, and I think that’s what these types of games you hope for. With all the fans, 10 goals in a game—it made everyone happy, maybe they’ll come to one of our games in Stockton or in Cow Palace.”

RE: Any difference in preparation for tonight’s game given that it’s a new arena and entirely different atmosphere?

THOMAS: “We approach every game the exact same way; I think it’s important to. I downplayed our preparation even a little bit tonight, I didn’t want us to act like this was anything more than just another game because really, it was just another game at a different venue. All the guys have played in front of crowds bigger than that and buildings this big. Guys have been in NHL training camps, exhibition games, world juniors, NCAA national championship games, conference championship games where you’re playing in front of 20,000…guys are used to that big type of thing, but you don’t get them consistently like you do in the NHL so I think that was a neat environment for the guys to kind of rally around. I didn’t want to overplay it because the guys have been there, they didn’t need to overplay it because they knew it was going to be an exciting game because of where we were playing.”