BENTON’S BLOG: New Year’s Resolutions

Thursday, 01.03.13 / 11:00 AM
By Mike Benton

Welcome to the obligatory “oh look it’s January which means I must proclaim a personal goal I’ve yet to achieve” blog entry.

It’s not the time to personally announce the ambition of shedding few pounds, organizing the sock drawer or investing in the stock market. This time, the Thunder gets the treatment based on the popular promises we like to make, after singing “Auld Lang Syne” at the stroke of midnight.

GET STRONGER – This year it’s goals, goals and even more goals. Play to your strengths. The most skilled and deep Thunder team we’ve seen in years has pumped in nearly four goals per game. As long as health holds up, no need to change a thing. Strength also means endurance.

If all else fails, this familiar game night emcee/reporter extraordinaire can be looked at for inspiration.

SET GOALS – So many times, the Thunder has talked about one win at a time. It may sound cliche’, but there’s nothing like that reminder to reset a player’s brain and ground him for 72 games.

CLEAR YOUR HURDLES – There are no “guaranteed win nights” in the Western Conference. The Thunder ran roughshod over Alaska during Pink Weekend and now has gone winless in four straight against the Aces. Last place Bakersfield has dinged the Thunder twice, serving as sobering reminders despite a 6-1-1 Thunder record. They’ve still yet to win at the Cow Palace against eighth place San Francisco too.

CLEAR YOUR MIND – By the end of Saturday, the Thunder will have played 14 games in 24 days. And we haven’t hit the “playoff stretch drive” in March yet. Rest, anyone?

BE GOAL ORIENTED – A shiny trophy named “Kelly” becomes the goal of every playoff bound team in three months. No bigger goal than that.

Mike Benton has served the Thunder as television and radio play-by-play announcer since the team’s inception. Got a question or comment? Follow Mike on twitter at