POSTGAME: Matt Thomas (1/20)

Sunday, 01.20.13 / 7:40 PM
By Stockton Thunder Staff

Stockton Thunder head coach Matt Thomas spoke to the media after Sunday’s 5-2 loss to the San Francisco Bulls.

THOMAS: “I don’t know if I want to overanalyze things; I like to look at the positives. Jody O’Neill was unbelievable, wearing Reichard’s old equipment…if I’m mad at anybody it’s United Airlines because they still haven’t delivered O’Neill’s bags since Friday. I didn’t think Reichard was bad today, I don’t think we gave him much help. The wraparound goal is the one we’d want him to get back…we didn’t have much, pretty disappointed in our top players. Our guys that are go-to guys offensively didn’t show up tonight…Levesque, Ambroz, Bergland worked real hard. I really liked them, liked a couple of ‘D’ and thought they worked real hard. As a team, we weren’t good. The thing that upsets me most about the game is I asked the guys to work hard in the hard places—in front of the net, in front of our net—and we got outworked in those areas just like we did last night. ”

RE: Swapping O’Neill for Reichard after that fifth goal

THOMAS: “After they scored the fourth goal I asked him if he wanted to go. It’s not even his equipment: it’s somebody else’s skates, Thomas Heemskerk’s pants from San Francisco, it’s patchwork goalie equipment just to have a guy on the bench. He didn’t feel he’d be very comfortable going in and being able to help the team, so after they scored the fifth goal I asked him again and I almost didn’t give him an option. He needs to get in the net and feel the puck a bit. He went in the same situation last year—he went in to face a 5-on-3, played seven minutes and I think stopped them all. He went in and had a couple of power plays he had to face, a penalty shot, and did a heck of a job. I think it’s encouraging…that was a bright spot. ”

RE: Matt Bergland’s goal

THOMAS: “[San Francisco] made it tough for us to go in there. A lot of times we made it easy for them to make it tough on us…that particular goal we made it tough on them in there and it was tough on us—the guys got hit one, two, three, four times and they stuck with it and stayed in there and got rewarded. I wish the other guys would have found a way to duplicate that; it’s unacceptable. I’ve got to hold guys accountable and they’ll be held accountable.”

RE: Justin Maylan and the ECHL All-Star Game

THOMAS: “He’s deserving, obviously. He’s done a lot, he’s worked hard on his game. It’s probably going to create an opportunity for him at the next level and I think that’s a great thing for a first year pro who has worked hard and done what he’s done. It’s a prospects game as much as an all-star game. It’s not a very physical game, but you can still work hard in it and I think it’s important for him to go there and see just how good he is compared to the other top players in the league, especially the young players that the game features. He should feel good about his game, feel good about himself, and he should go and take it all in but make an impression.”