Thunder 2013-14 Player Exit Interviews

Friday, 05.16.14 / 1:51 PM
By admin

With the end of the Stockton Thunder’s 2013-14 season, the players have cleaned out their lockers, packed up their gear and headed out for the summer… but not before we had a chance to catch up with the majority of them and get their thoughts on how they thought the season went, their favorite moments from the campaign and what they’ll be up to in the off-season, among other things.

Look for your favorite Thunder players in the four-part interviews below.

Part 1: #4 Marc Cantin, #10 Joey Martin, #11 Nick Tremblay and #18 Ryan Hayes

Interesting Notes: Hear about Marc Cantin’s interesting off-season plans for how he likes to take time off away from the game, find out what fan-favorites Joey Martin and Ryan Hayes liked about the season as they were firing pucks into the net on a regular basis and catch a major announcement from Nick Tremblay about his future in the game of hockey.

Part 2: #26 Shawn Boutin, #12 Ben Rosen, #29 Riley Wetmore and #19 Corey Trivino

Interesting Notes: Check out both sides of a disputed goal from the beginning of the season between Shawn Boutin and Ben Rosen. “Boots” also talks about his injury late in the season and the new role he was able to take on off the ice. Riley Wetmore tries to make himself heard over a noisy air conditioner and Corey Trivino explains why he has a special pick for this summer’s FIFA World Cup.

Part 3: #21 Andrew Clark, #25 Mathieu Gagnon, #36 Alan Quine and #35 Parker Milner

Interesting Notes: Andrew Clark talks about his situation splitting time between the Thunder and Bridgeport in the AHL, Mathieu Gagnon explains why he’ll be in Stockton for at least a little while longer than some of his teammates, Alan Quine looks back fondly on the success of some two-on-ones and Parker Milner recaps his rookie season.

Part 4: #15 James Henry, #17 Matt Bergland, #23 Adam Brace and #24 Garet Hunt

Interesting Notes: James Henry remarks on his season that earned him Thunder “Rookie of the Year” honors, Matt Bergland chuckles about his final goal of the season and the celebration hereto known as “the Music Box,” Adam Brace chats about his busy travel schedule this season and we know you want to hear captain Garet Hunt’s thoughts on another campaign in Stockton.