History of Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA

History of Stockton Heat Hockey Team, CaliforniaStockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA has undergone changes and restructuring before being famous under this name. The team was firstly known as Stockton Thunder, East Coast Hockey League. The changing of the name was following the changing of the franchise. What did Thunder do to be purchased by higher league?

Stockton Thunder Achievements
Stockton Thunder was a minor league hockey team in Stockton, California and also an ECHL member. This team was an affiliate of the NHL’s New York Islanders in their last two seasons. Thunder was using Stockton Arena as their home ice.
During its performance, Thunder had made such a tremendous run in Stockton which lasted for 10 seasons. They had made eight playoffs during those seasons. Since the first debut, Thunder had been able to attract more than two million fans. They also became the only ice hockey league under the ECHL club which was able to compete for the Kelly Cup Championship.

The Purchase
Due to the distinctive achievements made by Stockton Thunder, it was on January 29, 2015, Calgary Flames, National Hockey League, announced that they were purchasing the team and moved them to Glens Falls. It was the place where Flames’ local American Hockey League affiliates. AHL franchise, Adirondack was also being relocated to Stockton.
The announcement of Stockton receiving AHL team made lots of excitement in which another four NHL teams, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, and the San Jose Sharks, were also relocating their top affiliates by Fall 2015 to California.

History of Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA

Right after the team moved to Stockton, they held a contest, “Name the Team.” This was the second time the team holding such contest where the first event happened when an 11- year old girl, Michelle Costa named the Thunder team in 2005. The second contest had appointed Daniel Harms as the winner with “Heat” name. Under Stockton Heat, the team showed satisfying achievements in 2015-2016 seasons. They were able to defeat Rockford iceHogs with 7-0 at the opening game. They also won the game over the Bakersfield Condors which was being held outdoors at Raley Field. During those seasons, 16 players had been nominated to NHL and 5 of them had started their NHL debuts.

In 2018-2018 seasons, Stockton Heat has the opportunity to the playoffs for the first time against the San Jose Barracuda in the semi finals. So, if you are huge fans of agen bola terpercaya at California, USA, you’d better support them.

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