Corporate Partnerships

The Stockton Heat have an agreement with the Stockton Arena marketing department which allows sponsors to participate with signage reaching patrons at all arena events and to participate with inventory specific to the hockey

By combining team and arena inventory the Arena marketing department, with assistance from the hockey team, will be able to create customized corporate partnerships offering the greatest impact for arena and team corporate partners while accomplishing sponsor goals and objectives.

All partnerships are analyzed in terms of building long term relationships. By measuring results, and via ongoing communication with our corporate partners, we will adapt our partnerships to maximize the benefits. If we build programs that positively impact your business, we’re establishing the basis for long-term partnerships.

Stockton Arena and the Stockton Thunder offer no ‘cookie cutter’ proposals, nor the gold, silver or bronze packages, but rather the emphasis is truly based on identifying and delivering on the needs of each specific sponsor. The more we know about and understand your business, and your goals, the better we can customize a proposal to market your product through our unique offerings.

For a list of Sponsorship Opportunities, CLICK HERE for questions and further information on sponsorship and advertising opportunities contact Debra Bachle and/or Clint Eastman.

  Stockton Chamber of Commerce