The Community Programs of Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA

The Community Programs of Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USAStockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA is committed to provide happier environment for the surrounding community. This professional league has taken their commitments to get involved into the local schools, non-profit organizations, youth hockey clubs, and community outreach programs. The team starting from the players to the staff is dedicated to provide any support for the assistance and help given by Stockton for them.

– Stockton Heat Foundation
It was formerly called the Stockton Heat Thunder and Lightning Foundation and founded in 2007. This foundation is a non-profit Public Benefit Corporation in California and has been exclusively managed and operated for the charitable and public purposes.  The goal of the foundation is to provide supports to local charities, improve the Stockton Heat Hockey Club value, sponsor any charitable events which are to raise funds and then given for the local charities, do other charitable activities as well as any educational activities related to the charitable and public purpose

This Stockton Foundation also becomes the sponsorship of several events and programs by conducting the collaboration with friends and local businesses. It also entertains the requests coming from the charitable organizations as well as other concerned parties holding the same goals throughout the Grant Procedures and Guidelines. The Foundation also receives any donations to support its main goal from any individuals or organizations.

To execute their programs, Stockton Heat Foundation has worked with lots of community partners. These partners are Mayor Michael Tubbs Office, the Stockton Symphony, NORCAL Amateur Hockey Association, YMCA Stockton, Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Clubs, the University of the Pacific, Stockton Unified Schools, the United Way of San Joaquin County, and many more.

The Community Programs of Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California

– The Programs of Stockton Heat Foundation
There are several programs being conducted by the Foundation including heat365 ambassador program, kid’s club, 50/50 raffle, San Joaquin joint powers authority train safety tips, donation requests, and many more.
The first thing to look up when you are interested in joining the charity events is by checking the community calendar. Here, you can get the information on the schedule of the charity events that are going to conduct each month. You can directly download the events which are planned for one month from the official website of Stockton Heat.  So, are you ready to join the charity events conducted by the Foundation of Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA? As the starter, you can donate some money to its foundation! Isn’t it great?

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