What Do You Know about Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA?

What Do You Know about Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA?Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA was previously known as the Stockton Thunder, one of ECHL clubs. Now, Heat has participated in a professional American Hockey League (AHL). Stockton Heat is Calgary Flames’ affiliate. The team was firstly being purchased by Calgary Flames in 1993 from now York and then being relocated in Stockton.

Information on Stockton Heat

The franchise of the team has been started since 1977. During these years, several changes and moves have taken place. Now, Stockton Heat has started playing the game in 2015-2016 seasons and they are more than ready to fire up some wins. Since the first debut in Stockton, this team has made the Stockton Arena their home ice.

Below some information that you may want to know about Stockton Heat:
Name : Stockton Heat
City Stockton, CA
League : American Hockey League (AHL)
Conference : Western Conference
Division : Pacific Division
Head coach : Rhyan Huska
Chairman : N. Murray Edwards
Owners : Calgary Sports and Entertainment
Affiliates : Adirondack Thunder (ECHL) and Calgary Flames (NHL)
Website : stocktonheat.com
Stockton Heat Stadium
As mentioned previously, the home ice of the team is the Stockton Arena. If you want to see their terrific games without having to travel far from Stockton, you can see them live at their home in Stockton Arena. You will see that they are surrounded by their cheering fans as one of the advantage of playing in their own hometown.

If you want to watch their outdoor games, you can follow them to Raley Field, Sacramento as this city becomes the hometown for West Coast AHL. You can check their upcoming schedules from their website.
These are some helpful information about Stockton Heat Hockey Team, California, USA that can help you know more about them. Always get updated by visiting their official bandar bola website.

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